Evolutionary Calculator

Calculate the expected rate of fisheries induced evolution on a stock. The chosen values are for Baltic cod.

Biological parameters
Asymptotic (maximum) weight grams
Von Bertalanffy growth rate (K) year-1 (default is 4.5 (asymptotic weight)-0.33 )
Adult natural mortality year-1 (default is 1.3 K)
Size at maturation grams (default is asymptotic weight/4)
Fishing mortality year-1
Minimum fished size gram
Fishing mortality on spawners year-1

Results Press [Calculate] to perform calculation.

The calculations are based on the model in Andersen and Brander PNAS 106(28) 11657-11660 (2009). Note that the model is based on a number of assumptions, see the article for details. Output of the model should not be used in a practical management setting without first consulting the authors. The R code for the model is here. Php code by Casper Berg. R-code by Ken Andersen. September 2009.